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Ever changing Technology, means there are many new ways to look at the Internet. For over three years now, Just Mobile Websites and Apps have been creating, developing and perfecting for our customers, Internet Solutions that are responsive.

A responsive website is a way for businesses to keep branding and messaging, across all mobile devices, consistent for their customers. Along with this, a website that responds to any device, regardless of screen size, will greatly improve your business’ SEO.

Our customers have seen a big improvement in not only leads, but these leads converting to sales once they have changed over to a site that is mobile responsive. A website that is responsive is no longer an option, but a necessity.

At Just Mobile Websites and Apps, we keep in front of the ever changing trends and technologies. We work hard to maintain a position of being leaders in the world of Website Design and Digital Marketing.

Internet browsing from a mobile device is far more popular and is undertaken more frequently than from a desktop in today’s world.

Building a website that is responsive has removed the need for a separate Mobile Website. A responsive site will scale up and down, regardless of what device you are using.

The industry is constantly changing and it is changing for the better. Google has taken further steps from just encouraging business’ to develop responsive sites, to all but punishing those that don’t have a responsive site. A responsive website, will help give you a better ranking on Google.

Responsive websites are a must for the future. Just Mobile Websites and Apps are here to help you take that positive step forward.

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